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Already Johann Wolfgang von Goethe famously said that „we cannot possess what we do not understand “.


Do you possess old documents, letters or records, but you cannot decipher them? Would you like to understand their content, in order to use it for a specific purpose or simply to explore the history of your family or company? Then you are in the right place here with me. According to your specific wishes, I offer to transcribe your documents, translate them into English, explain unknown terms and contexts, and to summarize longer texts for you. Additionally, I can also process the information in form of a chronicle. Moreover, I am happy to conduct research in archives on your behalf and gather some further information about the subject or the family you are interested in.


My name is Sabina. I am a genealogist who has been researching family history and tracking down elusive ancestors for over 50 years. Beside that I support historical research projects by by searching for further documentary material in the archives. Research has taken me to all regions of Germany (especially Thuringia, Hesse, Saxony), former German-speaking regions in Poland, in the Czech Republic or Ukraine and to France. I have experience in the research of Jewish families, especially in Bohemia and Moravia. Beyond that I am able to read the old German handwriting (Kurrent and Suetterlin) and to translate the texts into English. Today, I am working as a genealogist with business registration.


If you plan to visit Germany and the region your ancestors came from feel free to contact me. I would like to help you with planning the visit of the different historical destinations and to guide you during your tour.


Please email me at if you need more information about my work, pricing, conditions and availability.





Sabina Frfr. von Thuemmler

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